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Sloth News - The Latest Send a Sloth News

  • 10 Interesting Facts About Sloths You Might Not Know

    See if you know these 10 Sloth Facts we're sharing with you about our slow and beautiful friends.
  • Why Sending a Sloth in a Box is an Amazing Gift Idea

    Sending a Sloth as a cute gift is just as silly as it is adorable. As holiday season approaches rapidly in what I would call the long stretch (Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas/Boxing Day) consider giving your loved one the gift of Sloth!
  • You Can Now Gift Wrap Your Sloth Box!

    Oh yes, you can now gift wrap your Sloth Box in this very high quality, very Sloth, Gift Wrap.

    A Christmas Sloth, is that a thing?Β To add the wrap option simply click on any of our Sloth Boxes and the option to gift wrap your Sloth will pop up.