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Why Sending a Sloth in a Box is an Amazing Gift Idea

Send a Sloth in a Box Blog Post

Sending a Sloth as a cute gift is just as silly as it it is adorable. As holiday season approaches rapidly in what I would call the long stretch (Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas/Boxing Day) we all start to consider who to get what gift, when is a good time to start buying gifts and how to buy presents that fit budgets. Luckily Send a Sloth has the perfect gift solution for you.

Quick, Unique and Affordable

We send all our Sloths within 2 working days and they go via courier (we don't charge for shipping) so you'll be able to track them all the way from their home in Slothville to your destination.

Sloth in a Box to be delivered

The idea of Send a Sloth has always been about giving people the ability to have fun with it, we wanted it to be a cute alternative to Glitter Bombs and other funny prank gift ideas. Imagine sitting at your desk and you receive a delivery for a Sloth in a box without any idea who it was from! With this in mind sending a Sloth had to be affordable without compromising on quality. We spent a lot of time perfecting our Sloths before we created them to ensure they were of the highest quality.

A Gift Idea That Stands Out

Our Sloths come packaged in beautiful custom Sloth paper tape which adds to the mystery and makes the whole unboxing experience an exciting one for the receiver. Once open if you chose the Complete Sloth Box not only is our best selling Sloth Plush Toy inside but other goodies such as a soft touch card, our Baby Sloth Sticker Cling and sweeties! Perfect for children and adults alike.

These Sloths Will Have A Home For Life

These Sloths won't be just for Christmas, whoever you send a Sloth to will absolutely fall in love with our three-toed cutie! Made from high quality Plush that makes them incredibly fluffy and will stand the test of time, our Dog even has its own Sloth friend!

So who should I send a Sloth to?

Do you have friends or family that love Sloths? Would they appreciate a cute stuffed Sloth? Maybe you just want to confuse your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner with a crazy gift idea. Either way our Sloths make excellent stocking fillers and should definitely be taken into consideration this Christmas. Christmas Sloth gifts are most definitely a thing!

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