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10 Interesting Facts About Sloths You Might Not Know

  1. Did you know there are 6 species of Sloth? These are split in two families: two and three-toed sloths.

  2. Sloths move so slowly some species have algae that grows on them? What's even better that Algae actually helps them keep hidden from predators.

  3. Three-toed Sloths have arms that are nearly 50% longer than their legs, can you imagine a human that looked like that?

  4. Sloths can swim!

  5. Food! Baby Sloths learn what's tasty Sloth food by licking the lips of their Mother.

  6. Sloths are potty trained, Three-toed sloths jump off their tree when they need to go to the toilet, some have even been observed to dig holes and use the same spot over and over!

  7. Two-toed Sloths live on average up to 20 years in the wild, 30 in Captivity.

  8. There's a type of Moth fittingly called a Sloth Moth, these live solely in the fur of Sloths!

  9. With those long arms Sloths are actually amazing swimmers, not bad for a creature that spends most of its live traversing the tree tops.

  10. Old Timers. Sloths can live easily to 40 years old in the wild. The oldest living Sloth is Paula who lives in Halle Zoo, Germany. Paula is a Guinness World Record Holder and at 50 years old is going strong.

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  • My daughter absolutely loves sloths, we brought her a toy sloth years ago, it goes everywhere with her. She even took it on our cruise holiday to Norway!

    Andrew Skinner

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